“Nest IV”


Welded steel, rocks, concrete base

46” x 20” x 20”

This is one in a series of “Nests”.

If you are interested in a “Nest” for your home or yard contact Dan.

Categories : Floor Standing  Outdoor




44-1/2” x 30” x 23”

This is one of a series of “Nests”

Contact Dan if a “Nest” is of interest to you for your yard or home.

Categories : Floor Standing  Outdoor  Sold


adjusted IMG_0108

Welded steel, Rock

70-3/8” x 13” x 12”

This “Seed’” is one of a series.

If you are interested in a “Seed” for your yard or home contact Dan.

Categories : Floor Standing  Outdoor  Sold


edited IMG_0110Welded steel, walnut branches, corokia cotoneaster, painted aluminum

68-1/2” x 25” x 21”

Categories : Floor Standing

“Shiny Box With Ribbon”

edited IMG_0011

Wood, Metal

68” X 11” x 11”

Categories : Floor Standing